About Us

Who are BLVD by V?

Founded in December 2020 by Zoe Cooke and Kiera Dee Waldie, a ladies fashion brand, ready to empower women and give women the confidence to show up as their sexiest self with the help of the clothes they wear.

With 'F**k average, you're worth more' being at the heart of everything they do at BLVD by V.

Zoe and Kiera are busy dedicated mums with 4 children between them. They are best friends who aren't afraid to be different and of course, sexy. They are bringing a brand to the table whose main focus is to empower women, or  Queens as they like to call them, to understand their worth, to find that inner sexiness and to be confident enough to wear that outfit they see and love.

They are more than a brand - they are creating a community of women supporting women, who are seen, who are heard and who understand that confidence equals sexy and that ANYONE can feel sexy.

Serving their Queens all over the world to show up as their most confident and sexiest selves, wearing the most statement of pieces, without fear or doubt. A place wear judgement doesn't exist and everyone is beautiful enough!

"We are grateful for every single customer past, present and future who support our business and move us closer to our end goal of a better future for our children and also help us to help women find that inner confidence, to wear the dress they desire and to show up as their sexist selves".

Like the iconic Vera Wang once said... 'We want people to see the outfit but focus on the woman'!