Sexy isn't a Size! It's a Vibe!

Sexy isn't a Size! It's a Vibe!

Sexy isn't a size...or a look! It's a vibe!

Us women feel so pressured to look a certain way and be a certain size, but isn't the sexiest thing about a woman her confidence? The ability to walk into a room and own her own shit!! The ability to know her worth and not settle for anything less because she knows she deserves the world.

Here at BLVD by V, our mission is to help all women to feel sexy enough to choose and wear the outfit they see and love regardless of whether they think it's a bit too risky or a bit too sexy, because if you wear anything with confidence, it will shine from the inside out.

Naked or fully dressed, a confident fearless women is a sexy woman. The only person you need to impress is you, the only person you need to feel good for is you. If you love you, then others will too, be that dressed in a sick arse outfit or not. 

Looking back at my grandmother's era, the kind of pressure we have today didn't exist back then. The "ideal" has been ever changing since those Marilyn Monroe days. Surgery has become the new normal and you don't really know a person's true beauty because of the unlimited amounts of filters we have at our finger tips. Mental Health is on the rise. Could any of this be down to the added pressure society has on us to look a certain way?

We want our Queens to know that we love your imperfections as perfect does not exist. We are all imperfectly perfect, all individuals in our own right, not one of us is the same, we are all winging this thing we call life. So ladies, listen up...Take the risk, buy the dress, go on that date with the hot guy, take the unfiltered selfie. Life is too short to give a damn what others think!

F**K average you're worth more!! 























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