Orange Wild side summer Blazer

Empowering, Sexy and a whole lot Ballsy!!

BLVD by V Spring/Summer EditionThoughts of being able to fill the washing line and images of us girls day drinking without looking like we’ve smuggled two bullets down our top. Hell yes!We've been teased by the sun these past few weeks, teased just enough to make us think it's warm enough to wear summer clothes, but when u step out, those icy times are still lingering about. Although, it has got us all thinking about our Summer wardrobes right?When in doubt wear a Blazer!As the title says…….A blazer for a night out, a blazer for date night, Summer blazers, Winter blazers, a blazer for over your shoulders, bottle green, bright orange and electric blue blazers. NO ONE EVER WENT WRONG WITH A BLAZER! And here at BLVD by V we've got you more than covered with our new Summer Collection blazers, they will force you to runnnn out the house to go and meet the girls for a cocktail... they’re that hot!!(meaning the blazers AND the girls of course)Drop it like it’s hot!Here at BLVD by V, we want you girls to feel empowered, we love you girls to feel sexy, because when you 'feel' sexy you oooze that sex appeal. We want you to walk with that ‘How do ya like me now?' kinda attitude. We want you to dance with that ‘shake what your mama gave you' kinda attitude. So... short shorts, low cuts, figure hugging dresses, and crops are all a go go for summer time, and girls.... cellulite is still SEXY, mum tums are still SEXY, so remember ladies to wear the damn shorts!!!!Newsflash to all the Mammas out there….. you don’t have to commit fashion suicide!!We get it, we hear you..."But how can we look good when we’ve had zero sleep, stink of milk and are multi-tasking faster than an Amazon delivery?!”Fear not, we've been there too, and we have you covered. Lucky for us mammas and busy ladies alike, comfies are the new trendy’s. Yep, you heard right....Who would of ever thought loungewear would be the new outer wear. Trackies have become sexy, even gym wear is worn by non gym goers. EVERYONE now has a favorite tracksuit and it’s fine, it’s fashionable and it’s sexy. And BLVD by V have a range to cover all those occasions when you just wanna be comfy but still look hot….. obvs!!!!So, to summarize….Summer time is fast approaching, grab yourself a summer blazer and a cocktail (for any occasion), shake what your mamma gave you and wear the damn shorts girl!!!!Love and fashion stuff Xxx
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